Past Life and Reunion

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I feel inclined to discuss about my past life, since my present life could end soon. My name is Solomon, and my sister goes by Miss Pross. I took all of her possessions and abandoned her to a life of dark, gloomy poverty. Despite what I did to her, she still has feelings for me, in which I discovered after she noticed  me  . She was surprised to see me, as well as shocked within the first few moments she saw me. She didn’t express anger, only sadness, crying after she ceased to be shocked by my appearance.  Although at the time, she could have exposed my identity to the people nearby. She finally stopped bothering me after I said some affectionate words to her. I just hope I don’t encounter her again while I’m working as a spy.

Carton’s Plan

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It seems Sydney Carton wants me to help him rescue Charles Darnay from death. I cannot refuse to help him, simply because he is blackmailing me to aid him. If I decide not to help him, he might reveal my identity and whereabouts, and I’ll certainly be executed on that day. Although I knew from when I became a spy the dangers of the job. My life is stuck under the shadow of the axe, and all it takes is one word to end it. I could just see Madame Defarge knitting a fatal register against me, and surely end my life. The only thing I can do is to go along with Sydney Carton’s plan, and try to save Charles Darnay. All I have to do is provide a way into the prison for Sydney Carton and a safe passage out of the prison for Charles Darnay once the switch is done. Now that I think about it, this somewhat reminds of Charles Darnay’s trial in Old Bailey. If this does succeed, Charles Darnay will once again be “Recalled to life,” and Sydney Carton will have his life ended. Sydney Carton’s plan can onlywork because Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton look very similar. I only hope for my sake that his plan doesn’t get me killed.

A Reunion

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Earlier today I ran into my sister while she was shopping. She nearly gave my cover away, and attracted the attention of the shopkeeper. I didn’t know for certain who she was at first, although I should have realized when she stared at me for some time.  My sister was also accompanied by Mr. Cruncher, and my sister wouldn’t be quiet. Soon after Mr. Cruncher tried to remember my spy name, Mr. Carton arrived and revealed to them my spy name.  I was dumbfounded as to how Mr. Carton had realized who I am, but he  told me that he saw me near the prison in Conciergerie while he was contemplating the walls. He told me he had a proposal, and I replied that I would be willing to hear it soon, in which I must leave and determine what he is asking of me.

A Meeting with the Defarges

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Earlier today, I went to the Defarges wine shop to investigate and gather information. I knew the Defarges were revolutionaries, which is why I referred to Monsieur Defarge as a Jacques, however he knew that I wanted him to acknowledge the fact that he is a revolutionary. Upon hearing me refer to him as a Jacques, he corrected me, saying I mistook him for someone else. I didn’t know for certain if the Defarges had known Charles Darnay’s real identity, so I decided to inform them. I noticed that Monsieur Defarge’s hand seemed unusual and different from when it was before I had told them Charles Darnay’s true name. With that reaction, I realized Monsieur Defarge either didn’t know, or was troubled with the truth I revealed to him. Although strangely enough, Madame Defarge was still knitting from before I entered the wine shop, and was knitting during our conversation. I suspect her knitting could be a possible symbol for the revolution, or a sign for the revolutionaries. I will find out in time what they’re planning, as well as the truth behind her knitting.

Old Bailey

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Recently, I served as a witness to Charles Darnay’s trial in the Old Bailey. Charles Darnay was accused of revealing secret plans to the French regarding the deployment of troops to Canada and North America. When I was questioned I answered only what was asked, not adding anymore information. After I was done being questioned, I noticed a British spy named Roger Cly, also serving as a witness to Charles Darnay’s trial. In the end, Charles Darnay was “Recalled to life,” and was acquitted, gaining his life back.  I might see Charles Darnay again in the future, as well as his lawyer and assistant lawyer, Mr. Stryver, and Mr. Carton. I did notice a resemblance between Charles Darnay and Mr. Carton. Perhaps this resemblance may help them in the future?